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Put the question in you’d ask John McGrath, Mat Steinwede, Chris Gilmour or even lil ole me. Throw it in the box below, and I’ll put it to them

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101 Responses to Real Estate Heavy Artillery – Grab Recordings at cost

  1. Steve Hodgson says:

    If you could describe the path to success in just one word, what would it be?

  2. adam says:

    what are your marketing plans for next year

  3. Louise says:

    John – as an agent in an independant boutique agency – how can I compete against the big franchises?

  4. What do you feel is the best prospecting plan based around telemarketing, letterbox drops, opinion of value letters, newsletters etc. and what is the idea number of properties to directly target in your farm area (not taking into consideration marketing of properties sold out of that area)?

  5. Ross Ladd says:

    I really do care about vendor’s and buyers, how can I portray this to them

  6. Glenn says:

    whos the best pa to use male or female?

  7. What would you suggest would be the maximum number of listings that you should be dealing with at one time?

    • LJ says:

      I think 11 at one time is plenty, if you are trying to do opens on all of them, it really does get very hard, been their done that. Keep some for later on or do what I did and get a pa. Contracts at the moment I do about seven on a house, so put this into perspective then you do the presentation at 11.30pm at night. I hope this helps.

  8. Alex Maiden says:

    What is the key to your success?

  9. Mark Noble says:

    I find meeting people and building rapport to be reasonably easy; the thing that I am having issues with are 1)identifying people who are in “sales mode” and 2) getting in the door to present. I have just thought of a 3rd question; that is the one of staying relevant to a “future” seller while they are in the pipeline – that fine line between helpful and being a pest.

  10. Radana George says:

    Will you be considering international expansion?

  11. Annie Abra says:

    The most effective prospecting plan would be?

  12. Kent Pilkington says:

    We have just employed a sale’s junior and was listening to one of Matt’s old CD’s where he said younger people may have damaged his business in the past, for him to help grow my business what roles do you feel are best suited to younger sales people and could the 3 of you give me an idea how you have structures your business groups and their roles within your business and at what point you employed them i.e sales numbers or fee’s and any mistakes you made in the hiring process.

  13. Brad Norrie says:

    What would be the greatest piece of advice in your real estate career anyone has ever given you?

  14. Robert Ollerenshaw says:

    When building your team what do you think attracts good sales people who will fit into your culture. Do you recommend building a team from the ground up or attracting top earners in the area.

  15. How do you pursue a genuine buyer without becoming a serial pest?
    What would you consider to be the best way of becoming known in a new patch?

  16. Jason Briggs says:

    Having one office and looking at expanding/franchinsing what are the steps to creating brand identity and unity, staffing (split the current office and build or find new), establishing a profitable market/catchment/franchise area for a prospective site, training and development packages etc. and methods for continual growth.

  17. What is the best way to increase market presence to keep you top of mind in your market place. Without using traditional media. TO JOHN – What systems does he have in place to prioritise all his jobs without upsetting the people who want things done and how does he get back to everyone. (time management system)

  18. What will be the next BIG thing to effect the real estate market?

  19. Leanne Pilkington says:

    If you are new to an area how would you go about developing a market dominate position against higher profile competitors?

  20. Tim Eaton says:

    What actions (or assistance) does a good but mediocre performing agent (24 sales per year) need to do to get to the next level & then beyond to 80+ transactions per year.

  21. Hi Chris,
    I’m really excited about this day.
    I have seen John speak 100 times and no matter how many more times I will here him speak I will always learn something else. It’s going to be great to hear the guru of real estate share his stuff again.
    Thanks for all the effort you go to for the industry.

  22. Hi Glenn,
    I’m really excited about this day.
    I have seen John speak 100 times and no matter how many more times I will here him speak I will always learn something else. It’s going to be great to hear the guru of real estate share his stuff again.
    Thanks for all the effort you go to for the industry.

  23. Marg Henderson says:

    Aaron Shiner says 24 points of contact a year. That is twice a month. Do you think is that OK or too frequent.
    Also if we cannot make it to Brisbane will there be another way of listening to all these answers. M

  24. How do you demonstrate to prospects your point of difference? What do you do that your competitors don’t! Something that stands out because at the end of the day it’s a product we all ‘say’ we can do that to.

  25. Prospecting System nuts & bolts please !

  26. Robert Kradolfer says:

    If you were to start in real estate again, what daily taskes actions, activities, and goals would you have?

  27. Dayne Watson says:

    Chris – If you could pinpoint your success down to the methods used in establishing yourself and generating business from scratch, what methods did you use and if you had your time again, would you do it differently?

  28. Tiron says:

    How do switch off when you are finished for the night?

  29. john poulton says:

    how do you stay on track in a day week month year

  30. Travis Smith says:

    Matt, I know you recently ‘cold started’ a new area, what were the 3 key things (or more) that were vital to gaining market traction in the area?

  31. Glenn Twiddle says:

    gearing up huh. It’s gonna rock !!!

  32. Glenn Twiddle says:

    and it’s so tempting to jump in and start answering questions, like my mate Edgar said, but you want answers from the big guns…so bait your breath !!

  33. How do you motivate yourself on a consistent basis and keep the momentum? :-)

  34. Can i be John McGrath’s God Son!!!!

  35. Glenn Twiddle says:

    Knowing what you know now, what would you have done better earlier.

  36. andrew says:

    Mat Steinwede – What do you think the biggest factor is that drives humans toward greatness. Is it something we are born with or can anyone regardless of physiology achieve greatness?

    John McGrath – I have always wanted to be in your identical shoes and have been reading up and researching but finding it very hard to know where to start. In order to start a company as successful as yours how do I start out and how much will the initial outlay be?

    Chris Gilmour – You turned your income around 100′s of thousands of dollar from 1 year to the next.. What do you think the main difference in your service was to have such a vast difference in income. If you could suggest one thing to increase service to clients what would it be?

    Glen Twiddle – With all your experience in coaching and mentoring, what would you say the main thing that someone can do to motivate themselves and cause long lasting change, not just for a weeks or months.

  37. Steve Hodgson says:

    Obviously you have had many highlights in your career but I am sure it hasn’t all been easy. Can you tell us about a tough time and how you got through it?

  38. Peter George says:

    1 What systems do I need to set Up
    2 How do i get a listing fast
    3 What is your presentation Listing look like

  39. Wayne Hutchinson says:

    I dont realy have any 1 question, but knowing that I am starting out in the real estate industry early next year I am realy pleased and motivated that there is so much step by step information available to guide me, the rest is up to me!!
    I would like to thank Glenn, Matt, Chris and John for sharing so much of their valuable industry info with all of us.

  40. ils townley says:

    John McGrath; “Who was/is your mentor?” “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?” “Do you meditate?”
    Mat Steinwede: “Lunch??..only kidding.” What do you give your vendors and your buyers for settlement gifts?”
    Chris Gilmour: “With your expediated success over the last 3 years, do you think you will stay in the selling side of the business or will you diversify and develope/grow the All Properties Group?” “When can I revvv your racing car?”
    Glenn Twiddle: “How do you keep your focus? Do you hynotize yourself?”.

  41. Simon Finlayson says:

    After having achieved so much, what (if anything) still challanges you – both within and outside the RE world?

  42. Christine Rudolph says:

    John McGrath. What drives you when the going gets tough?
    Matt Steinwede. Your personal journey is an inspiration. What was the turning point to put you on the path to success? We all have setbacks, what are your steps in overcoming setbacks and never giving up?
    Chris Gilmour. Your positive attitude is inspiring. What has been the toughest moment in your career and how did you breakthrough to reach to the next level?

  43. Ken says:

    What are the nuts & bolts tasks you tell your agents to do when you say prospecting?

  44. Rachel Sayer says:

    My question is “all of the above”??

  45. Glenn Twiddle says:

    What are the top three attributes I should look for when hiring a new agent

  46. Leighton avery says:

    A question for everyone. Did you develop a unique system to work a core area on what you saw other local agents not doing in your area when you first started or did you try more to mimic a group of sucessful agents and work to perfect there style and make it your own?

  47. Tracey Ashley says:

    To all of them –
    What do you do when things get tough for you?
    If you started out a couple of years ago and was finding it tough now with no long history behind you, what would you do to improve things?
    What would you do if you were just starting out now? What would you focus on and spend your time??

  48. Deborah says:

    does cold calling work?
    what is the singular most important thing that I should do to ensure a successful real estate career?

  49. Gab says:

    how can i get more instructions from propective client in real estate,what method should i use in doing this

  50. Glenn Twiddle says:

    Hey Twids, hope your well. As for John, first off thanks for your assistance over the last 4years in Real Estate through your seminars and books I managed quite well in Brissy. Now that I live on Thornleigh, Sydney, my question is how do you recommend I move forward in my career… Do I jump and open my own agency, take over a struggling non auction focused one and step it up or continue selling? Your enthusiasm, knowledge and know how I could spend years feeding off so Glen, no fair that you limit us to one question. Cheers, Dion

  51. chris bromwich says:

    whats your biggest advice for a new guy starting in 2012

  52. Glenn Twiddle says:

    man, getting closer now…FIRED UP you guys….!!!

    And you thought I was on holidays !! haha

  53. Denise Cusack says:

    Can mat pls do a training segment on his app….performance…I need to know how best to fine-tune it to me. There is no training on the app itself. Mny thks looking forward to the day.

  54. Tom Panos says:

    what one thing has been the most profound change in your life that you swear by?

  55. Just wondering what John’s thoughts are about facebook and social media, as I remember at an AREC conference he said the jury was still out on his opinion.

  56. Ann Gray says:

    What gives you the drive to succeed! How has that drive changed you and others around you.

  57. Christine says:

    Just beggining in the industry short of 2 months, can you please provide me with your ideal week in terms of where to start, what program to use for managing potential buyers and sellers and how to become known in a farm area? Also my second question is “What would you say when a seller has been offered a $3,000 fixed commission where they conduct the opens and the agent does the negotiating and marketing?”

  58. Glenn Taylor says:

    A specific answer required please. What would you say to a seller when the internet ‘inspection’ count is high, yet there has been no prospective purchaser has made an appointment to view? Lovely photos, price an issue? What’s a good answer?

  59. Vicki Cunningham says:

    Starting a real estate career in 2012. Attending many seminars, reading, watching DVD’s, listening to CD’s (mostly Glenn’s). With so much information available, how do you determine what to use when starting out. Is it simply take on board what you heard/learnt but start with getting the basics right first and develop your strategies or what works for you from there? So many good ideas, I want to use them all.

  60. Josh Allison says:

    How many PA’s do you run with and how do you structure their roles/ what ARE their roles? Is losing the ‘personal touch’ a concern we you delegate jobs such as prospecting, open homes, buyer appointments etc…

  61. KATE MADAY says:

    Please come to Sydney!

  62. Dan Neylan says:

    John & Matt- what are your thoughts on contents of a listing presentation?, some agents write a book, bragging about every aspect of their offering- risking loosing vendor interest, or coming across self obsorbed, others cut it to the core believing vendors just want the facts, but then risking less impact and not properly conveying their offering to the client.

  63. Jim H. says:

    What percentage of the fees would a million dollar producer put towards personal marketing, & personal assistants? Does that percentage vary as the results improve from beginner to winner?

  64. Richard says:

    If you have to employ PA’s to do the big figures aren’t you better off opening your own office and doing the same thing but getting the whole fee rather than just part of it?

  65. james says:

    Whats better, the simplicity of running as a single operator at say $300,000 – 500,000 production or the extra income and complication of say $1,000,000 production?

  66. Peter says:

    Whats the most listings and sales sustainable for a single operator with no assistants?

  67. David Berns says:

    Hi Mat,hope all is well with you tried to catch up by phone awhile ago ,must have been to busy anyway all the best to you and Jamie from David.

  68. General opinion: Is there a useby date for an agent, can an old dog learn new tricks?

  69. Andrew says:

    Your best prospecting advice ?

  70. john says:

    What percentage of the commission should be put towards personal marketing?

  71. Ham says:

    As a new agent what would be the top activities you would focus on and for how long? Would 18 months be a good time frame to aim for to gain traction?

  72. Mardi O'Neill says:

    Help, I have booked 4 tickets to this seminar under the name of Noel Mooney. I need to book 3 more, but can’t get the system to add it to my booking, so that we can get the additional attendees at $99 each. Do you have an email address or phone number I can contact you on to see how I can do this. Thank you. Phone: 07 5446 2500

  73. Matt Scarce says:

    What do you consider to be the best methods of prospecting for people new to the industry?

  74. Michelle Krueger says:

    What types of marketing for property do you find to be the most effective?

  75. Fred says:

    How can i get listings with nothing at all in the pipeline?

  76. Ian Pye says:

    Follow-up trails – What trails with do you recommend for attachment to a client in the database for points-of-contact to manage open home attendees, prospective purchasers and vendors, clients who have just bought or sold, general contact with your farm area etc for both the short term and the longer term contact management. What ratios across the year do you consider to be ideal for the different forms of contact; face to face, letter, email, sms, letter box drops etc to be seen as caring and not pesty. Is there somewhere that we can get detailed trails or can you provide detailed trails for the management of the different types of client situations?

  77. Damien Misso says:

    John & Matt, How do you approach leading a team that is in the golden years of their working career? Avg 50-70 years of age

  78. Alex Glen-Holmes says:

    Most important rule above else that you adhere to?

  79. My business is mainly dealing with property management and building rent rolls to sell. I am comfortable with this aspect of my business and have until last year managed a couple of sales a month on average to compliment my income . I find it difficult to compete with he larger agencies who have more resources behind them for marketing. I have a small contact list of about 100. Should I consider purchasing a distribution list?

  80. Robert Lewis says:

    What do you use to track your daily plan and end of week kpi’s – I’m looking for a system to that’s follows or tracks my 30, 60 and 90 day buyer/vendor pipeline tracker, so it provides me an insight into my daily calls / inspection numbers and hit list / top 50 contacts. Also any tips for providing points of difference at open house?

  81. Nick says:

    As a brand new Agent, starting from scratch what would be a good example of a business plan to follow?

  82. Peter Barry says:

    What’s your favorite song & can you sing me a couple of lines?

  83. Shane Maddren says:

    (to any or all) do you push the buyers to put offers on a property. or do you just let the property do the work and when you get a buyers that is keen it just works. If a slight nudge is needed what is said?

  84. When can we get these guys to come to Melbourne and do the seminar?

  85. ALAN LUCAS says:

    What percentage of my day should I spend prospecting for listings??

  86. Erik Polsek says:

    Hi John,As a starting new agency (building up from scratch) what is the best advice that you could give me?

  87. Terry Leech says:

    We all know what to do once we’ve got the listing. My Question is: What is the most beneficial activity you do that gets YOUR phone ringing when vendors are ready to sell?

  88. Michelle Krueger says:

    I listened to the interview you had with john McGrath and he spoke about that it is our job to extract the premium price. So what pricing method do you find most effective? Fixed? Interest from? Make offer? Auction?

  89. Justin Rendel says:

    How come there are so many propertys in North Avoca and they are not selling? are the agents buying the listings ,or is the exclusive areas just to exclusive to move in to?

  90. Dawn Carey says:

    What are some pointers to assist a boutique agency compete for sales against the larger competition.

  91. brandon says:

    What is the best content or where do you find the content that you use to keep in touch with your database?

  92. Benjamin Newbury says:

    When talking to potential vendors, I am finding it tough to hit the fine line between being helpful and annoying. How much contact is necessary to remain at top of mind?

  93. Ben Jovani says:

    What is the best way to convert a no to a yes when out prospecting?

  94. Ben says:

    What is the best way to approach an MA

  95. Dan Rangel says:

    What are the most common objections to closing in a real estate deal and how do you overcome them?

  96. Mark Mathews says:

    In 2012 , if you had to name only one, which prospecting activity is most effective please ?

  97. suz says:

    i`m a potential buyer, looking at not getting totally ripped off, how can i get around all your sweet talk?

  98. canda says:

    As a new agent entering the Brisbane market what would be your step by step plan to get off to a flying start?

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